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CMIC Group Global Privacy Policy

CMIC Group Top Management has recognized the importance of personal data dealt with in our business development scene and will protect the personal data according to the following principles.

1. Collection of Personal Data
Personal data is collected in a legal and fair manner.
2. Use of Personal Data and Purpose Specification
Personal data is used within the range of the explicit purpose of usage.
3. Data Quality and Security Safeguards of Personal Data
Rational security countermeasures are taken in order to maintain the accuracy of personal data and to secure safety.
4. Control of Personal Data Principle
In-house structure/system for controlling personal data is maintained and adequately functioning
5. Compliance with Local Regulations relating to the Personal Data Protection Principle
Personal data is handled in compliance with applicable national legislation like Laws, Ordinances, and other Regulations of each country.

October 1, 2011

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Kazuo Nakamura, CEO

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