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Presidentís Message

"Providing better medicine to patients more quickly"

 CMIC CMO Co., Ltd. will continue to live up to the expectations and trust of customers who demand pharmaceutical development and drug manufacturing. We will do this by improving our technical strength and providing innovative services from new, exciting perspectives. Further, we will contribute to the life and health of the world's people and to the development of society through our business activities.

 Since our companyís founding, we have received unwavering and steady patronage from our clients. We achieved this by leveraging our experience and reliable track record to ensure high-quality service, a secure and speedy technology transfer system, and flexibility that allows us to adapt to all needs.

 In April 2016, we will merge with CMIC CMO ASHIKAGA Co., Ltd., allowing us to expand the breadth of our CDMO business (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization). This business provides lifecycle-spanning services for all kinds of drugs from pharmaceutical development, investigational new drug manufacturing, through commercial production at four sites: "Pharmaceutical Development Center", "Shizuoka Plant", "Toyama Plant", and the "Ashikaga Plant".
 In addition, in order to meet new market needs, we have continued our strategy of aggressive capital investment.
 Furthermore, we aim to strengthen our organization by actively exchanging human resources and technologies between sites, optimizing resources by replacing facilities and equipment, and creating a system that can provide more developed, higher quality services at a lower cost.

Main function of each site
Pharmaceutical Development Center:
 Initial pharmaceutical development, Formulation design, Specifications and test procedures, Addition of dosage form, Stability test
Shizuoka Plant:
 Investigational new drug (solid), Large / small amount solid formulation and packaging, High potent drug packaging, Injection secondary packaging
Toyama Plant:
 Investigational new drug (semi-solid), Semi-solid formulation and packaging, High alcohol semi-solid formulation and packaging
Ashikaga Plant:
 Investigational new drug (injection), Injection formulation and packaging, Mass solid formulation and packaging
Company-wide correspondence:
 Consultation (technology, application, regulatory, marketing)
Major capital investment: since 2014
 High alcohol semi-solid formulation building (Toyama), Ampoule filling machine and sterilization machine (Ashikaga)
 High potent drug primary packaging line, Vial inspection and packaging line, Double-sided aluminum packaging line (Shizuoka)
 High potent drug designing facilities (Pharmaceutical Development Center), Semi-solid formulation high-speed filling and packaging line (Toyama)
 Injections new building [PIC/S and trilateral GMP corresponding high potent drug and biologics] (Ashikaga) Under construction

 Our greatest strength is that we can provide high-value-added services as a unified CMIC group that globally covers all aspects of the drug business, from non-clinical, clinical, testing, safety, approval, manufacturing, marketing, to post-marketing surveillance, excluding only drug discovery.
 Additionally, we offer a proactive PVC (Pharmaceutical Value Creator) model in line with our customers' needs.

 Now, the pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a major turning point, the needs required for CDMO are also diversifying. We will change ourselves, and provide and suggest the services ahead of the times. And, we will challenge boldly so that we remain the CDMO that is trusted by customers and can contribute to society.
 We will greatly appreciate your continuous encouragement.

Makoto Matsukawa
Representative Director
CMIC CMO Co., Ltd.